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NFC Schedule of Classes

Information in the schedule is subject to change without notice. Enrollment caps are placed on all course sections. Once an enrollment cap is reached, the section is closed. New sections may be added to the schedule.

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# 4 - Marshall Hamilton Library
# 6 - Mathematics / Developmental Education
# 7 - General Classroom / Faculty Offices
# 8 - General Classrooms
#10 - Fine Arts
#11 - Hardee Center for the Arts
#12 - Colin P. Kelly Fitness Center
#13 - Career & Workforce Education Center / Nursing and Allied Health
#34 - Science
#35 - Public Safety Academy / CDL Program
#5001- Live Oak Location
PERRY- Perry Location


M - Monday
T - Tuesday
W - Wednesday
R - Thursday
F - Friday
S - Saturday
U - Sunday
M/W - Monday/Wednesday
T/R - Tuesday/Thursday
MTWRF - Monday-Friday
FSU - Friday/Saturday/Sunday
TBA - To Be Announced

High Schools

ACA - Aucilla Christian Academy
BHS - Branford High School
HCHS - Hamilton County High School
LHS - Lafayette High School
MCHS - Madison County High School
SHS - Suwannee High School
TCHS - Taylor County High School

Mini-mesters (8-week Courses)

MA  Mini A - first 8 weeks of term
MB  Mini B - last 8 weeks of term

Understanding Types of Courses

Unless otherwise stated, courses meet face-to-face on the indicated day(s) / time(s).

However, if a course is listed as...
Hybrid: (blend of face-to-face + asynchronous online) course meets face-to-face on the indicated day(s)/time & remaining course work is asynchronous online
Remote Hybrid: (blend of face-to-face + synchronous online) course meets face-to-face on the indicated day(s)/time & synchronous online on a specific day/time
Online: (asynchronous) all course work is asynchronous online
Remote: (synchronous) course meets synchronous online on specific day(s)/time each week
Remote Mix: (synchronous/asynchronous mix) course meets synchronous online on the indicated day(s)/time each week & remaining course work is asynchronous online
HyFlex: This type of course allows for a flexible participation structure whereby students may choose to attend face-to-face synchronous class sessions in person (physically attending class) or online without physically attending class. Student attendance either face-to-face or virtually is required on certain days at specific times.

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Synchronous: class/lecture is delivered via live video (video conferencing) at a specific time each week
Asynchronous: coursework is delivered through online resources made available on demand

Textbook Affordability Options

Cengage - These courses require purchasing Cengage. Cengage Unlimited provides access to all Cengage course materials for one price – no matter how many products you use! See the NFC bookstore for details!
Low Cost - All textbooks and course materials are under $50.
No Cost - No cost for textbooks and materials.